In the studio… L From The West

We are wrapping up L From The West’s 3rd studio Mixtape “Aboard Flight West.” We’ve been working together since day one, the progression he’s made is unbeatable. Listening to the first song we did together “Thanks To Janet” on The L Chronicles and then listening to “Holding Me Down” on Aboard Flight West not only does he stay true to his sound and content but gives the fans something refreshing to hear.

A challenge for me that took awhile to learn about L is his creative mind. He has many ideas running at once and I find myself having to play catchup to what he hears. He’s already hearing the final product and I’m barely pressing record! Lol. He is not only a rapper from Fresno, CA but a producer. I’m not talking about the typical “I make beats on fruity loops” producer either. He treats his music as a work of art, you need to give his sound some thought and analyze what he has done to truly appreciate his unique sound.

Since I’ve been the guy behind the boards recording and mixing with him for a couple of years now and looking forward to engineer for him on future projects I decided to ask L From The West a few questions.

1. You have released 3 mixtapes in a short period, what do you have planned next? (Album, mixtape, shows…)

If the show’s come great, but after Aboard Flight West and the L chronicles roll on, I’m going to drop single track until my birthday and then work on a new mixtape..!

2. If you could choose any Artist to feature on one of your songs who would it be? 

Drake of course, or Dom K. That’s my favorite 2 right now, either of them on a chorus or verse..
3. what would that song sound like?
Rap over R&B what else?!?! You know wit a little bit of that West coast feel! Haha
4. Is there one thing you learned that you wish you knew about when you first started making music?

NO, not yet. I’ve enjoyed every fail along the way, it’s only made me a better artist. That’s where the progress comes in.

 5. You have any comments you’d like to add?

Hope you Aboard Flight We$t.

Here is the artwork for Aboard Flight We$t. when it drops check it out, you will be able to find it at BlytheAve.com along with L From The We$t’s other music!

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