Matthew Montanez

High Quality Sound
Professional Mixing
Radio Ready

I started engineering in high school and taught myself as much as I could recording and mixing. As soon as I graduated, I moved to Hollywood, CA, and was blessed with an internship at Underdog ENT. While there, I met amazing talented, producers, engineers, writers, and A-list artists. I learned a lot from everyone. While interning I met the Jackie Boyz on Hollywood BLVD. They were singing in front of the H&H. I kept a good relationship with them over the years, relationships are key in this business.

I left Underdog ENT to attend college at Fresno State. During school, I met Peter Wolf who has worked for Motown and many other talents. Mr. Wolf gave me an engineering job at his personal studio, Wolfsound Audio Engineering, where he has provided me his knowledge to expand mine.

I moved back to LA after a few years working at Wolfsound to work with the Jackie Boyz at their studio in Hollywood. Here is when I met C-Minor who has been a blessing in my career teaching me how to pay close attention to detail. C-Minor introduced me to Chizzy ( who had just moved to Hollywood. A year after we met, I became Chizzy’s mixing engineer. We now are working with major and Indie label artists. He has taught me a lot about the business and how to create the best possible product on any song. You can check out my credits, I will try to keep it up to date as best as I can.